Since February, 20th was National Love Your Pet Day we thought we would share our favorite design ideas for a pet-friendly home! Most of us at Sicora have pets or are pet lovers. This is why we love working with clients on designing ideas for their pets. Here are our favorite pet-friendly home designs:

Built-In Feeding Station. A built-in feeding station is a great idea for a couple reasons. It gives your pet an out of the way space to enjoy their meals. This means that their bowls won’t be in your way and will stay put! You can also create a space in this area to house their food, no more messy eating areas! If you have multiple pets you can create two separate feeding areas so each pet has their own space. This is especially great for cats and dogs living together. You can even design the cats feeding are to be at a taller height, out of reach of other pets.

Pet Showers. Ok, this may sound extreme at first, but think of the last time you gave or tried to give your pet a bath? Odds are it didn’t go very well. Creating a pet shower or even building your shower to be pet-friendly is a huge time saver and stress reducer! This is especially true if you have an indoor/outdoor pet. Things to keep in mind. Built it higher up, so you aren’t bending over, make sure your shower head is removable, and place a hair catcher in the drain so you don’t have plumbing issues!

Built-In Pet Bed. Trying to keep your pets off the furniture or tired of them dragging their bed all over the house? This is your solution! Not only does a built-in pet bed create a cozy spot for your cat or dog it’s also a great space for them to keep their toys and their eyesore of a cushion out of the way. Although we can’t guarantee that this will keep your pets off of your furniture, they tend to prefer these small cozy spaces to claim as their own. Added bonus, if you  kennel your dog while you’re away, add a gate or door!

• Kitty Litter Box Cabinet. This is the constant struggle for any cat owner! Where do I put the stinky litter box that is out of sight, but still accessible to my cat? A litter box cabinet is your best solution. These can be designed into a window seat, bathroom vanity, entryway cabinets, mudroom, or wherever you prefer your cat “to go”. Give then access to the space with a small cut out (you could choose any design) or with a pet door. Again, this a great idea for pet owners with cats and dogs. Dogs often either bother cats while they are doing their business or want to eat the litter, gross we know! This keeps their litter box out of reach and gives them private space to go to the bathroom. A litter box cabinet is a win for you and your cat.

• Pet-Friendly Entry Area/Mudroom. This is a must-have for any indoor/outdoor pets. Especially for pet owners who live in snowy, cold, wet climates. You can create a space in your garage, mudroom, or entryway to keep your pets from tracking the outside elements inside. In fact, this would be a great place to build your pet shower! Things to also include in this area are hooks for leashes, doggie bags, etc., space for treats, and towels. The type of flooring you use is also very important. You want flooring that is durable enough to withstand your pet’s claws but is also water and dirt resistant. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is our favorite flooring for these areas. Check out our LVT blog post to learn more about this flooring!