Sicora’s 5 Step Process

From concept to completion, we will provide you with the home improvement guidance needed to navigate your way through our design/ build process.

1. Initial Consultation & Assessment

  • Schedule a phone, virtual, or in-home consultation. Schedule your consult online, click “Connect” or “Schedule Now”, select your meeting type and time!
  • At this meeting we will determine the feasibility of your project.

2. Design (2-4 months for design & contracts)

  • We will develop three types of plans for your projects, lite, medium, and heavy design plan options. Pricing will be provided to accompany your designs.

3. Contract Development

  • Project site walk-through with our trade contractors.
  • Exact costs are developed, options are chosen by client, and contract is developed.
  • Our projects stay on budget with less than a 3% variance on average.

4. Construction (2 -5 months depending on project)

  • Pre-construction meeting is scheduled with your interior designer and project manager.
  • As a client you are given access to our app to track project progress and see any updates or changes.
  • A detailed punch list and walkthrough is scheduled before project completion.

5. Warranty

  • A walkthrough is scheduled 11 months after your project is completed for any repairs needed. A 2-year mechanical and 10-year structural warranty are also included.
  • We want you as clients for life, if there are any issues with your project beyond these warranties, let us know. We want you to be completely satisfied!

This is a collaborative process working with you to create a project that fits your needs and within your budget. We become a continuous point of contact during the complete remodeling process (from concept to completion). We are your remodeling design counselors, designers, and builders. Projects range from porches, basements, 2nd story additions, curb appeal packages, whole house renovations, and everything in between.

Love your neighborhood but not your home? Why not consider improving your home and making it your dream home. During a consultation with a Sicora designer, we will perform a feasibility review of your property to determine the viability of a remodel for your home.

Factors that we will take into account with our feasibility study: real estate market value, best designs to fit the neighborhood, and a complete evaluation of your existing home to determine the viability of a home remodel. At the end of this process, we want you to have all of the ‘new home’ features durability in your newly remodeled home.

At Sicora we work with clients to infuse their desired style and must-haves with our expert ability to design, build, and create custom quality design and cabinets. This gives every project a timeless look and feel that is uniquely yours.

Do you have plans that you paid for that priced out substantially over budget? Sicora may be able to help.  A free consultation from Sicora would include a meeting with you at your home to understand your ‘needs and wants’, Sicora would offer some fresh ideas on how to achieve your desires, and provide bracket pricing for the described project.  Sicora has been successful with this approach in the past and ended up saving clients thousands of dollars in the process.  Give Sicora the opportunity to breathe ‘new life’ into your project!

Do you have skills that you would love to use, but are overwhelmed with the idea of tackling everything that is required for a remodeling project?   Let Sicora do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you!  Our collaborative design/build process will allow you to pull out and complete work that you’d like.  During your on-site consultation,  make sure to ask about these options with your Sicora team member.