Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT as you’ll hear it called is one of the fastest growing flooring products on the market. LVT is called a “hot pressed tile”. This means It is made of several layers that are melted together through heat and pressure. The layers include vinyl backing and core, a print film layer, and a protective wear layer. LVT is then finished with a polyurethane coating.

Now that we know what LVT is, why choose LVT over other flooring products like laminate or ceramic tile? The Sicora designers love LVT for many reasons, but here are the top five reasons they recommend LVT to homeowners.

1. Durability. LVT is extremely durable and is less likely to crack, break or dent under pressure or impact. This flooring has the ability to absorb forces from heavy objects without damaging the flooring. This is unlike ceramic tile which has no flexibility and can get cracked or laminate which is softer and can get dented.

2. Application and Cleaning. The application of LVT is extremely easy. All it requires is a straight edge and utility knife. Besides the easy installation, LVT is also very comfortable to walk on, does well in high moisture areas and doesn’t require grout. This makes cleaning LVT extremely easy, no need to worry about getting into those small grout lines.

3. Design Options. LVT flooring has so many different styles and designs that the possibilities are endless. It can be designed to look like ceramic, wood or stone. This is the beauty of LVT, with so many different designs and styles you can stay up on current trends. The Sicora designers favorite brand of LVT flooring is Armstrong Flooring. One of the reasons is because of all the design choices and quality. Their products look and feel almost identical to real hardwood, ceramic, or stone.

4. Price. The cost of LVT is similar to other products like ceramic tile and laminate. The price really depends on what quality, size, and design you want. Ceramic tile can easily become more expensive than LVT depending on the tile and installation costs. Laminate flooring tends to be on the less expensive end, but when you factor in benefits of LVT it offers a higher value.

5. Environmental Impact. LVT is typically made from recycled materials. The percentage of recycled material depends on the brand you are using. LVT itself is 100% recyclable.