Starting a remodel can be a little intimidating and trusting someone with your home is a big deal. Hear from one of our clients, Valora and Steve, about why they chose to remodel, why they chose Sicora, and their advice for future homeowners looking to remodel.

Why did you need to remodel your home?

“We loved our house, but it was not functioning for us in the way we knew it could. The kitchen was very small, there was limited storage and very little counter space. In contrast, the dining room was very large and although it had lovely original built-ins, it was showing its age. We wanted a more modern, open space, with a larger kitchen, high-end finishes, and an open floor plan.”

Why did you choose Sicora for your remodel?

“We chose Sicora for our first remodel a few years ago based on seeing their work in our friends’ home. Our friends recommended Sicora as they had had a great experience using Sicora for their mudroom addition. For our first remodel, we opened our back entryway, bumping out the back of the house to include a mudroom on the main floor and a kids’ bathroom above it, on the second floor. We also completed a master bath remodel at that time. During this project, we were so impressed with Sicora’s work that we knew that we would choose Sicora when we were ready to do a kitchen remodel.”

 What’s your favorite part of your remodel?

“Our favorite part is how our house feels so updated and fresh! The spaces are bright and airy and blend together seamlessly. The finishes are lovely, and the craftsmanship is top notch. It still feels like a classic 1917 Dutch Colonial but updated and modern at the same time. We believe this is due to the Sicora team’s careful approach when updating older homes to keep the integrity of the structure and time period while giving the space a fresh and updated finish.”

 Any advice for other homeowners considering a remodel?

“We have been through this process twice and the second time was definitely easier. I think we knew more what to expect after having lived through it once. Being able to schedule a time to move out for a bit helps, if possible! Having an idea of the finishes you want is also helpful, as the design process contains many selections and choices. However, being open to new suggestions from your designer is also smart… our Sicora designer was fabulous and she had so many good ideas. Our house looks amazing, largely due to her ideas and influence!”

If you are considering a home remodel schedule a free in-home consolation on with one of our experts!