How is Sicora’s Real Estate experience different?

Sicora will assist you with staging your home and offering our in-house services (repairs, plumbing, painting, etc) take care of those nagging repairs and to help maximize the sale price of your home.

Sicora will help prospect the next home for your family!  Sicora’s expertise in home improvement provides you with an excellent resource as you consider whether a home can be improved to meet your needs and at what cost.  We understand how difficult it is to find a house that is completed the way that you want it.  Instead of buying other someone else’s dream home, let Sicora be your “Move and Improve” partner to help create YOURS.

Improving Your Existing Home.
Love where you live, but your home isn’t working for you the way that it should?   Sicora can help to create a vision for your home that will help you to fall in love with your home all over again.  Plus, we’ll be able to pull ‘comparable reports’ from the real estate market to make sure we are keeping the extent of the remodel in context with the neighborhood.

Want to learn more?  Go to, click on our “CONNECT” tab, and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today, or feel free to call or text Ron directly at 612.423.4558!