Referral Reward$

We would like to make you aware of our client “Referral Rewards” program. Sicora’s “Referral Rewards” is an exciting way for us to say Thank You for the referrals you bring into our company.

If you know someone who is considering a remodeling project and could benefit from connecting with one of our design staff, please let us know.

For every qualified lead that you generate for our company, you will receive $250 (a qualified lead is a project that has a scope of work, budget and geography that fits with Sicora.)

In addition, for every signed contract that results from your leads, 1% of the contract amount will also be awarded to you in the form of “Sicora Dollars.” Sicora Dollars can accumulate in an account and can be spent in the following areas:

  • Sicora handyman service
  • Rift Sawn Cabinets goods and services
  • Item/service with any of Sicora’s vendors and suppliers
  • Partner with us and donate to our Community Cause *account

*Your donation will be given to local non-profits which focus on improving low-income housing


Ron Sonnek, President of Sicora, Inc.